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Take care of the details of your wedding

Hi! I would like to share some tips and recommendations to make your wedding day really spectacular:

  1. Planning: For a luxury wedding, planning is key. Spend time organising and choose the best wedding service providers you can afford.

  2. Consider hiring a wedding planner as she is a professional who is in charge of organising weddings in a comprehensive manner. Hiring the services of a wedding planner can save time, money and stress for the bride and groom. In addition, their experience and knowledge in the sector can help to create a unique and personalised wedding, adapted to the tastes and needs of the couple.

  3. Location: Choosing a venue is one of the most important parts of planning a luxury wedding. Choose an impressive venue, such as a castle or villa, or a five-star hotel to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

  4. Food and drink: Food and drink are key elements of a luxury wedding. Make sure the menu is delicious and high quality, and consider including gourmet options or exclusive dishes. It is also important to have a selection of high quality drinks, such as champagne or reserve wines.

  5. Decoration: Decoration should be elegant and sophisticated. Choose a colour palette that suits the setting, such as pastels or rich, vibrant colours. Consider elements such as exotic flowers, candle arrangements, elegant centrepieces and stunning lighting.

  6. Attention to detail: At a luxury wedding, every detail counts. Consider extra touches, such as gifts for guests, personalised table cards or a luxury car to transport the bride and groom.

  7. Entertainment: Music and entertainment are key elements for any luxury wedding. Be sure to hire a professional DJ or band to create an exciting and elegant atmosphere.

  8. Attire: At a luxury wedding, the attire should be spectacular. Choose a couture gown or a designer wedding dress, and make sure that all members of the wedding party are also elegantly dressed.

  9. Photography and video: At a luxury wedding, it is important to have a high quality photographer and videographer to capture all the memorable moments of the day.

  10. Enjoy the moment: Last but not least, remember to enjoy the moment. Luxury weddings can be exciting and overwhelming, but it's important to take the time to enjoy the day with your partner and loved ones.

I hope these tips will help you to have an amazing luxury wedding, enjoy the moment and congratulations!


  • Rafa Cortés - WhatsApp
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