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Rebeca & Isac dreams in London

Civil wedding ceremonies are likely to be extremely popular with couples and others in the future. This type of wedding is simpler, cheaper and often more romantic because it only requires the bride and groom, their witness and a photographer.

Civil weddings can feel like an informal event because there are no rules about what to wear to the ceremony. Couples love this, especially people who want a dreamy but simple wedding getaway for two. Weddings can even take place in different locations, in this case the streets of London. Unlike religious ceremonies which usually take place inside a church or synagogue, civil events allow you to choose from all sorts of great venues for an intimate and memorable experience.

Civil wedding on the streets of London, they only needed one photographer for their moment. First they got married civilly and then we had a great time on the streets of London.

Dressed by @naturalbrideboutique and Wedding planer @mariasotos.p


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